The Pacific Coast Pop-Up Shop

Benjamin Bloom, January 28, 2015

The shop is open for business! We’ll be here every day from 11-6PM from January 25th – February 6th. Come on by and say what’s up! Located at 1306 12th Ave, San Francisco CA.












The Pacific Coast Pop-Up Shop Opening Party

Benjamin Bloom, January 08, 2015

The Pacific Coast Pop-Up is a two week long outdoor themed, community pop-up shop at A Little Lodge in San Francisco. The shop will include goods and photography by a group of local artists whose work represents their love for the outdoors. The opening party will be from 4-9pm on Saturday January 17th with music, free booze and food tastings. Cruise by for a rad night with rad folks! And if you can’t make it, we’ll be reopening the shop on Sunday January 25th – February 6th, open daily from 11-6.


Getting Familiar With Hipcamp

Benjamin Bloom, January 05, 2015


Just over a year ago, Alyssa Ravasio and Eric Bach launched a website called Hipcamp aimed to help the general public with discovering awesome campsites around California. If you’ve ever dealt with the government websites, this is an idea you wished you thought of. We sat down with Eric to get some insight on the company and learn what’s in store for the futre.


So to start things off, can you quickly tell us what Hipcamp is?
Our mission is to get more people outside by making it easier to discover and book awesome camping experiences. We’re bringing the world’s public campgrounds online, unlocking private lands for camping, and working overall to increase access to the outdoors.

Where did the name “Hipcamp” come from?

We think that is really important to engage a younger audience about the outdoors. A lot of millennials love camping, but the various government websites out there don’t really speak to them. Camping needed a refreshing perspective and we thought “Hipcamp” summed it up pretty well.
Obviously anybody who has dealt with or park service sites knows how frustrating they are. Besides the general functionality of researching and booking campgrounds, what else does Hipcamp provide?

Yeah for sure! Hipcamp was really born out of frustration for the existing system. We provide an intuitive user interface, great photos, original & engaging content, and real-time availability. One of the coolest things is that you can apply filters based on what matter most to you. So, I can answer questions like, “where can I go camping next weekend, by the ocean, with my dog?”
Right now Hipcamp is only in California but we hear plans of nation wide expansion. What are the next steps to getting all of our nation’s great parks reviewed and on the site?

We’re in the process of developing an expansion plan and you’ll see many more states soon (Texas and Oregon are next up in line). We want the experience to be awesome, there’s a lot that goes into adding a state to the site. By next summer you’ll see rad new ways to engage that are all driven by fellow Hipcampers. We’re stoked on really building the community and getting people excited.
You guys have done an awesome job embedding yourselves in the outdoor community so far, any exciting stuff coming up in the near future?

Thanks man! Yeah, the outdoor community really is incredible. I mean it when I say that we could not build Hipcamp if it wasn’t for their support, guidance, and aspiration to get more people outside. We’ve got some cool stuff coming up which most immediately includes a month long team “workcation” to Puerto Rico. We’re firm believers in changing your location to gain perspective. Working, surfing, and living together is a great way to develop rock solid bonds while building an awesome brand.
What’s your favorite park or campsite you’ve gotten to visit since starting the company?

Hmm…man that is a tough one for sure. I do more backpacking nowadays, so usually spend as much time off the grid as possible. I really enjoyed the last trip I did to Garnet Lake. We spent 3 days traversing around alpine lakes with 13,000ft peaks peering down on us. I’m pretty sure we had the most beautiful “campsite” in NorCal. If you’re interested, here’s a little writeup of the trip.


Check out Hipcamp at:

Blood & Bolts x Hike Further Microadventure: Aster Lake Part 1

Benjamin Bloom, November 04, 2014

Starting this clothing company has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I’ve learned how to use a camera, build a shirt from a piece of fabric and appreciate the outdoors more than I ever thought possible. But the part that’s truly stuck out is the opportunity to work with amazingly talented, like minded people. In this case, we got to work with the fine folks at Hike Further,  two guys that epitomize the perfect balance of hard work and adventure. One of the founders, Julian Bialowas will be taking over this blog post to share the first installment of the Blood & Bolts x Hike Further micro adventure series. It’s little things like this that make it all worth it. Sit back and enjoy, we know you will.


“We left Calgary at 6.45am, after stopping at Tim Horton’s of course, which put us at the trailhead at Upper K Lake at 9am. We finished our coffees, packed up our gear and hit the trail to head up to Aster Lake for the night.”






“The first 7 or so kilometers of the “trail” takes you through insanely dense forest and heavy deadfall. So finally seeing the banks of Hidden Lake was a welcoming relief. The lake was completely dry, as the previous winter’s runoff had all drained underground. Which was crazy to see, as when I hiked around the lake back in July it was overflowing into the surrounding woods.”




“On the drive up, Ashely claimed that she sees at least one rainbow on every hike she goes on. I didn’t buy it. Then of course, as we curved around the banks of the lake—it happened. Post-hike dinner would be on me. After curving around the perimeter of the lake, it was back to bushwhacking through the trees to start the ascent up the headwall.”





“After a solid 30 minutes in the trees we broke out above the treeline onto the scree slopes. With the bed of Hidden Lake becoming visible below us. Rainbow game was strong. It came back for more to taunt me.”





“Just about all the gain on this hike happens on this one headwall, so to say it was steep is quite the understatement. There’s one final scramble atop the headwall to get up onto the ridge. We powered through and were greeted with snow. A lot of snow.”






“After losing the trail in the snow, and taking a solid 1 hour detour in the wrong direction we finally found camp. We set up the tent in a clump of trees to shelter us from the frigid winds and snow. Hot tea followed. After (kind of) warming up over tea we went to explore the rest of the valley and the lake.”












“Winter is definitely already in full force in the backcountry of the Rockies.”










We got shot by Sparks Americana

Benjamin Bloom, October 13, 2014

A couple months ago, the folks at Sparks Americana reached out about doing some work together. The talented husband and wife spent some time in the southwest, shooting some of our clothing and enjoying the classic American landscapes. It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with like minded people, especially when they make our products look so good!


















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